The Chat Podcast

Hey there and welcome to our new podcast page! I'm Anthony, the owner of Dimino’s Kitchen Meal Prep. Let's get to the nitty gritty. My wife and I started Dimino’s Kitchen out of our apartment and now 4 years later we have a full on commercial kitchen that we prepare your food out of weekly. Of course that was a super condensed story of how we started our business and I did that on purpose in hopes of you listening to our story more in depth on our new podcast. 

I decided to dabble into the podcast world with a few friends and talk about business, family, fitness and a bunch of other random things that we stumble upon that week. Like mentioned before, my wife and I started this business right out of our apartment and I know a lot of other people are in that same situation with starting their brand new companies. My buddies Ricky and Aaron have similar stories about starting up their businesses and are both clearly subject matter experts in their fields, which is why we’ve decided to start up this super cool podcast named “The Chat”. We hope to bring tons of free value to everyone in hopes that you use that value to level up! If you have a few minutes listen to episode one!


Anthony Dimino



Episode 1