Feed A Hero


Our Why

With all that has transpired lately, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Dimino’s Kitchen has an moral obligation to give back to our community. Our mission is to feed as many healthcare workers, frontline workers and other essential workers that have been effected as possible. With your help we can ultimately double our efforts to feed all of this heres. I mean we are all in this together right?...Right! 

(YOU) 1 MEAL + (US) 1 MEAL = 2 Happy frontline workers 

With the purchase of each meal from you, we will match that with 1 meal equalling 2 meals. Each week we will tally up donations from you (customer) and then match the donation with ours (Dimino’s Kitchen). Meals will be distributed among healthcare workers and other essential workers each Sunday. To track where your meal donation will be headed to email us @ info@diminoskitchen.com. We are extremely excited to have the opportunity and the resources to provide a service like this to our community and yours!